Photo Poster Android and Web

Take your personal picture with Wisim and Yandel using the Panasonic Poster APP on your Android Phone or desktop computer.
Fully integrated with Facebook API and Open Graph.

Photo Content

The users uploads a picture and/or text about his moment of love. They can share with friends on Facebook or Twitter, with that invitation can vote and get voted, the most creative ones wins.

Instant Prize Giveaway

Giveaway, the visitor can blow out the candles of the companies birthday cake, depending on how many candles are still lightened, he wins a instant price and-or participates in a lucky draw.

Daily Trivia

The user is asked one question each day, related to articles on the clients digital magazine. For each correct answere he summs up points to win a great Christmas price.

Other projects

Cinemark Movie Alert


The visitors can see the comming up movies for theaters, read the sinopsis, watch the trailer, check for promotions and save it on the agenda, once the movie is ready for lunch, the visitor get an email with the available theaters.

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Teen Trivia


This trivia APP is fun for all the target users, teens girls who really want to know how they are perceived. Funny and very viral, girls from Colombia and Argentina play around together with their mates.

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Disney Meet the Robinson


Interactive game, the user can explode the bubbles with their hands using the webcam, winner of "Diente de Plata" in the category "Interactive Games".

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Diego Torres Karaoke


Application in a Facebook Page, fans can make a karaoke group with other 10 friends and sing together, each singer can share, invite more friends, vote other songs, the TOP 200 won a ticket for a private concert.

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